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Soul and Synergy Radio is dedicated to exploring the mysteries of the universe and our place in it. Each week we will be delving into topics that are part of the metaphysical and paranormal world along with spiritual practices that help us connect with our higher selves and tap into the energy of the cosmos. Our show will feature interviews with members of the metaphysical and paranormal community, sharing their knowledge and insights with our listeners. Whether you’re new to this world or an experienced seeker, Soul and Synergy Radio has something for everyone.

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5 days ago

After an excellent show in Ashland, WI we are back in the studio to welcome Sheree and Adam Meier from Reiki Magick to talk about their business as well as their love of games that inspired Dice Mugs. Todd then joins us to discuss the paranormal. Todd Bates is the owner/operator of WLTK-DB Talk Radio and author of the autobiography The Haunted Voice. Although Todd has retired from the field, he still enjoys learning about it on his talk show Haunted Voices.

Friday Mar 17, 2023

We are LIVE from Ashland, Wisconsin on the eve of our wellness fair on Saturday the 18th. Char Savoie of Charvinity joins us to talk about her life and her journey to her path of healing. Then we have Melissa Rae Cole of Lighting the Fire to talk about her business empowering others and being a life coach. We end the show with Patty Q corner to answer viewer questions.

Friday Mar 10, 2023

This week's show features Maria Wood from MW Collections and Michelle Ressler from Pinnacle Divine Holistic Services. Maria is a jewelry designer and craftsman creating mixed media jewelry and wearable art. Michelle is a Certified Iridologist and an Enlightened Spiritualist who was inspired by a higher calling to assist others through Therapeutic Coaching and Reiki. Patty Q helps us wrap up with Patty Q corner sharing her psychic and mediumship talents with the viewers.

Friday Mar 03, 2023

Nancy Randen, from Transforming Your Phoenix, specializes in pinpointing and transforming at your core the issues, patterns, and struggles in your life. She joins us to discuss her story about how she came into her gifts and how she uses them to care for others. Once again, Patty Q steps in to provide mediumship for viewer questions.

Friday Feb 24, 2023

Mark Hanson has joined us in many of our wellness shows and is a renowned Shaman that uses his gifts for physical and psychological healing.  Mark will be sharing his story and journey along the metaphysical path.  We are then joined by Mary Spindler, our soul sister and friend, who uses her power of clairvoyance and a crystal ball to give advice and messages of love to her clients.  Mary was one of Danny's Master Tarot students and he's so proud!  Patty Q will be back for Patty Q Corner, to answer viewer questions.

Friday Feb 17, 2023

The Language of Angels and Astrological Predictions
Jodi Hemenway, Healer and Angelic Channeler, comes to discuss her work as a healer in the Angelic realms and provide an introduction to the topic of Light Language.  We are also joined by Astrid Ela, owner of Lotus Moon Alchemy & Co., to talk about her path as an astrologer, psychic, medium, and energy healer.  Readings, messages, and signs are provided to the audience throughout the show.

Friday Feb 10, 2023

Join Soul and Synergy hosts and Guest Coral Sheedy to discuss Conscious Empowerment and Spirit Art.
Coral Sheedy, owner of Conscious Empowerment LLC, shares her knowledge and invites us to learn about her business as a Conscious Living Empowerment Coach and Energetic Intuitive Healer.  Later on in the show Patty Q, Artist and Spiritualist, brings information about her spiritual journey and provides a message through her art.  
Join us LIVE on wltkdb @ 10 am cst!

Spirit Animals and Guardians

Friday Feb 03, 2023

Friday Feb 03, 2023

Fran Jarvar, Zest Tree LLC, brings with her information about her new business venture along with her personal story about becoming an intuitive and lightworker. Salone Nelson joins in the conversation talking about Phoenix Dragonic Readings and her journey. In the mix will be discussions about Spirit Animals and Guardians, along with tarot card readings for the listeners.

DeEtte Ranae and Tanya Meyer

Friday Jan 27, 2023

Friday Jan 27, 2023

Danny and Terry invite DeEtte Ranae and Tanya Meyer to join them on the show. DeEtte Ranae, well renowned psychic medium and radio show host, will be on to discuss her current endeavors and address viewer questions. Tanya Meyer, a Compassion Key Practitioner, Sound Healer, and Artist, joins to discuss her work in the metaphysical field and her business ventures. The boys will also be offering card readings and providing spiritually guided messages along the way.

Debut Show Guest Panel!

Friday Jan 20, 2023

Friday Jan 20, 2023

In this debut episode of Soul and Synergy Radio, Terry and Danny will be joined by a talented guest panel. The boys and their guests Stephanie Lynn, Kristina Bloom, and Ellie Weisensel will cover a spectrum of metaphysical topics during the show and may even pull a card or two for the listeners on the show. You'll never know where the conversation is going to go, so tune in and find out!Stephanie Lynn is known to many of you as the host of WLTKDB podcast Chat with Charlie and is a spiritual life coach as well as a certified psychic medium.  
Kristina Bloom is also a psychic medium and spiritual advisor. Kristina is another fellow host on WLTKDB where she hosts Be the Change and The Paranormal Room.  
Ellie Weisensel is a certified psychic medium that also works as both an Emotion code and Body Code practitioner.  Join us LIVE for this one of a kind conversation and debut show on at 10 am cst!

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